Step 1: Find your video

Use a search engine to find Youtube. From here, find any video you'd like to embed.

First Step Screenshot

Step 2: Code your video title in

Take the video title and code it into your program through a header.

Second Step Screenshot

Step 3: Find embed tag in youtube

Under the video, click the "Share" option. From there, the "embed" button should be there. Click that and it will give you the embed tag for your selected video.

Third Step Screenshot

Step 4: Code in video

Through a video tag, code in your video. Use the "iframe=" given in your source.

Fourth Step Screenshot

Step 5: End code

After your video, add any formatting desired. Then end off your code with closing your tags.

Fifth Step Screenshot

"Atlantis Nassau Bahamas - (Paradise Island)"

Screenshots of Tutorial

Second Step Screenshot Fourth Step Screenshot First Step Screenshot Third Step Screenshot Fifth Step Screenshot